WCAPP 2015 – programme

WCAPP 2015

Thematic sessions

Thursday Morning, June 11th 2015

8h20-8h30:         IntroductionWCCAP 2015


  1. Lesion and dysfunction

– Visceral sensitivity. Ursula Wesselman (Birmingham, Alabama) USA

– Chronic pelvic pain: from lesion to dysfunction. Bert Messelink (Amsterdam) NL

– Chronic Abdominal  pain: from dysfunction to  lesion. Marc Beer Gabel (Tel Aviv) ISR

– Chronic Pelvic Pain: neuronal dysfunction? Serge Marchand (Sherbrook) CA

10h10-10h40: break


  1. Chronic perineal pain: pudendal neuralgia and different clinical presentation

– Anatomic variations of the pudendal nerve. Stéphane Ploteau (Nantes) F

– Chronic perineal pain: pudendal neuralgia and borders forms. Algorithm for chronic perineal pain. Jean-Jacques Labat (Nantes) F

– Debate: Which surgical approach is the best for decompression of the pudendal nerve: 10  slides and 10 minutes to convince?

  • Laparoscopic . Tibet Erdogru, (Istanbul) TUR
  • Trans-ischio-rectal . Eric Bautrant (Aix) F
  • Trans-gluteal. Roger Robert (Nantes) F


Thursday Afternoon, June 11th 2015


  1. Vulvodynia and Sexuality

– What is vulvodynia ? Micheline Moyal-Barracco, (Paris) F

– Physiopathology of vulvodynia : update and therapeutical implications. Ulrika Johannesson (Stockholm) SWE

– Medical and surgical treatments of vulvodynia : a critical review. Thuy-Giao Do-Pham (Créteil), F

– Psychosexual approach of dyspareunia. Audrey Gorin-Lazard (Marseille) F

15h40-16h10: break


  1. Abdominal-pelvic pain

– Endometriosis and Abdominal adhesions. Sylvia Mechsner (Berlin) GER

– Pelvic congestion syndrome. Khalid Khan (London) UK

– Endometriosis, adhesions, pelvic varicose veins: lures in chronic pelvic pain? Katy Vincent (Oxford) UK

– Are there different treatment options  according to the clinical expressions? Jérôme Rigaud (Nantes) F


Friday Morning, 12th June 2015


  1. Joint session WCAPP/IUGA

8h- 9h45                     Oral Podium presentations                        IUGA / WCAPP

9h45 – 10h15            Break

10h15-11h15               Multidisciplinary approach of Pelvic Pain

– Anatomy of pelvi-perineal innervation. Benoit Rabischong (Clermont-Ferrand) F

– Global approach to chronic pelvic and perineal pain. Jean-Jacques Labat (Nantes) F

– The Physiotherapist and chronic pelvic pain. Maeve Whelan (Dublin) IRL

– Global pain support in chronic pelvic pain. Alain Watier (Sherbrooke)  CA

11h15-12h30            Oral Poster presentations                           IUGA / WCAPP


Friday Afternoon 12th June 2015


  1. Musculoskeletal pain. Pelvi-Perineal pain: managing your patient from head to toe

– The lumbosacral pelvic equilibrium: biomechanical and clinical criteria. Fabrice Michel (Besançon), F

– A posturology approach. Philippe Villeneuve (Paris) F

-Pelvic pain: from pathophysiology to perception     Melissa Farmer ( Chicago) USA

15h40-16h10: break


  1. Therapy for vaginismus and vulvodynia    

– Psycho-behavioural approach for lifelong vaginismus. Ellen De Groot  (Leiden) NL

– The role of physiotherapy in the interdisciplinary management of vaginismus and vulvodynia. Claudia Brown (Montreal) CA

– Management of Complex Pelvic Pain. Stephanie Prendergast (Los Angeles) USA

– Addressing central sensitization of chronic pelvic pain in clinical practise Marie Josée Lord ( Montréal) CA


Saturday Morning, 13th June 2015


  1. Postoperative pain

– Clinical anatomy: How does the surgery injure the pelvis and perineum nerves? Vincent Delmas (Paris) F

– Pelvic prothesis and Pain. Eric Bautrant (Aix en Provence) F

– Which patients are at risk to develop post-operative pelvic pain ? Thomas Chelimsky (Milwaukee) USA

– Prevention and managementof post-operative pelvic pain. Mauro Cervigni (Rome) IT

10h10-10h40: break


  1. New Treatments in pelvic pain

– Topical analgesic

  • Pharmacological of Topical analgesic. Andrée Néron (Montreal) CA
  • Clinical use in chronic pelvi-perineal pain. Thibault Riant (Nantes) F

– Locoregional anesthesia

  • In chronic pain. John Hughes (Middelburg) UK
  • In chronic pelvi-perineal pain. Thibault Riant (Nantes) F

– Neursotimulation:

  • In visceral pain. Ganesan Baranidharan (Leeds) UK
  • In perineal pain. Kevin Buffenoir (Nantes) F



Saturday afternoom:13th June 2015:

13.30-17.00: Physiotherapy workshops


Workshop 1 in French (Simultaneous translation)

Clinical examen in pelvi perineal pain

-Gynecological exam. Pierre Marès (Nîmes F)

-Physiothérapic exam. Claudia Brown (Montréal Ca) – Guy Valacongne (Lyon F)

-Posturologic exam. Philippe Villeneuve  (Paris F)


Workshop 2

How I do, how I would.   Clinical cases. Discussion,

-Propositions for take care and devlopment of news reeducative techniques for patients with pelvic pain

 S Prendergast- MJ Lord – AF Plante

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